The Nowadays nonsense Pastors.



Do I actually blame dem? Not at all, but I do blame “blind” followers. Imagine all the time your boyfriend took just to see you naked, and here you go to a public place baptized as a “church”, remove your pants, and get shaved by a man that calls himself a “pastor.” Hanti, thesame you that did this will wakeup one blessed morning insulting the man you promised to love. Yes, you’ll say “it’s the work of the devil”. 😈


You ain’t far from the truth though and it’s simply because you allowed yourself to be used by him, yes hanti, when that man “pastor” shaved you and used dirty ritualistic water to wash you was the moment you gave up to be used by the devil. Hanti, did you even bother to take back ya hairs from the pastor, did you ask yourself were he went with them? Hanti, I have 1 word for you, no matter the problems you think you face in life and in your husband’s house, never let a man in the name of a “pastor” go down on you for whatever reason.


Hanti, the man you married is actually your pastor for the rest of the life you gonna spend with him, yes, let no one fool you because he’s baptized a place to be a church. Hanti, the reason why the bible was written is for you to study it, if you don’t understand it as with the case with many of us, please, ask your other half for help or a close friend. 


I am constantly being told that God asked brethren to worship together and I ask myself, if a worship with one i love, and ky family, am i not fulfilling the word? Well the answer depends on you. Remember, the church is not the building, it’s actually, to my view, a gathering of people worshipping God and sharing the word of the Lord.


Hanti I beg you to listen to your husband more than you listen to the one you have named “pastor.”


I HAVE GO 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️